What are the Benefits of Student Membership?

Student Members are in a unique position to make the most of CAPD/ACDP resources and the peer networking opportunities that membership offers.

Membership in CAPD/ACDP is in the best interests of all pediatric dentists in Canada. As a group, we are able to speak in a unified voice and promote pediatric oral health care and our interests on a national level.

As an association of professionals, the CAPD/ACDP has a number of benefits that raise the profile of our members in the community and across Canada, as well as enhancing both educational and networking opportunities.

Student members enjoy the following benefits:

1. Free membership in the CAPD/ACDP--Click here to join

2. Free registration to the scientific sessions at the Annual Conference.  This is available to student members who are Canadian citizens and/or permanent residents of Canada.                                                                                                     Click here for information on the 2017 Annual Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba

3. Access to participate in the annual Graduate Research Presentations and accompanying award and to apply for the Graduate Student Scholarship. Click for details.

4. Access to the CAPD/ACDP website listings for associate positions. Click here to access the Classified Ads.

5. For Canadian students studying in the U.S., advice and information about the FRCD(C) Canadian

Fellowship Examination process. Click for details.

6. Reduced membership fees for the first three years of active pediatric dental practice.  In other words, your membership is Free during your student years.  After you graduate your 1st Year of Practice is Free.  Then in your 2nd and 3rd Years, we offer discounted membership (see chart, below).  Please note that paid Joint Membership (CAPD/ACDP and AAPD is only available to students living and practicing in Canada.

Note:  Student Membership in CAPD/ACDP (and also 1st Year Graduate membership) includes membership in the AAPD. A question on the application (and membership renewal form) requests that Students (and 1st Year Grads) check a box to give CAPD/ACDP permission to send their name to the AAPD, or whether they prefer to opt out of this benefit.

Current and Former Student Members Gallery:  Top Left- Dr. Alison Sigal, University of Toronto  Middle:  Dr. Bradley Klus, University of Manitoba  Bottom:  Dr. Marie-Lynn Gosselin, University of Toronto

2016-2017 Membership

Member Categories
 Membership in CAPD/ACDP Only
 Joint Membership in CAPD/ACDP and AAPD
 StudentFree Free
 1st Year Practice
 2nd Year Practice

 3rd Year Practice
 Full Active

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