Pediatric Dentistry is a specialty within dentistry.  
There are several Canadian specialty programs in Pediatric Dentistry that will prepare a dentist to take the national board exam and become a Fellow of the Royal College of Dentist of Canada to be recognized as a specialist in this field. 

Below are links to the various Canadian dental schools, and links to the Canadian specialty programs in Pediatric Dentistry.

 Canadian Dental Schools  Canadian Pediatric Residency Programs
 Dalhousie University  University of Montreal
 Laval University  University of Toronto
 McGill University  University of Manitoba
 University of Alberta  University of British Columbia
 University of British Colombia
 University of Manitoba  
 University of Montreal  
 University of Saskatchewan  
 University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry  
 University of Western Ontario  

In addition, please review the Royal College of Dentists of Canada, licensing exam in the field of Pediatric Dentistry

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