Membership Benefits

As an association of professionals, the CAPD/ACDP has a number of benefits that raise the profile of our members in the community and across Canada, as well as enhancing both educational and networking opportunities.




CAPD/ACDP Belongs to a National and International Community of Dental Professionals.  The Academy is the Go-To Organization for all issues pertaining to the oral health of infants, children, adolescents and persons with special health care needs.


  • The CAPD/ACDP is the recognized voice for pediatric dentistry with the Canadian Dental Association (CDA), through our Executive and through membership on the CDA Journal editorial board.  The CAPD/ACDP is represented on the Community and Institutional Dentistry (CID) committee and on the Committee for Specialist Affairs.
  • The CAPD/ACDP maintains a close, continuous liaison with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) and negotiates exclusive AAPD membership rates for CAPD/ACDP members.  Membership in AAPD goes hand-in-hand with CAPD/ACDP membership and includes:
  • Continuing Education (CE)
  • Practical Pediatric Dentistry Reviews through the Audiotape Program
  • Scientific Articles on the AAPD Website in the Members Only section
  • Annual Sessions
  • Membership Directory
  • Journals, Member Magazines
  • Patient Education Materials
  •  The CAPD/ACDP maintains close, continuous liaison with the CPS (Canadian Pediatric Society).  Members are able to take advantage of reduced rates for membership in the Canadian Pediatric Society as an Associate Member of the CPS.
      • Members can join under the Associate Physician, Surgeons and Dentists category for $190.00, compared to the $525.00 that a paediatrician pays.
      • Student Members can join as Associate Medical Students at the rate of just $30.00 per year.
      • There is no discount on the Oral Health Section but student members can join it for free. 
  •  CAPD/ACDP is a member of the CDSA (Canadian Dental Specialties Association). 
  •  CAPD/ACDP is a member of the IAPD (International Association of Paediatric Dentistry) and has appointed a representative to gather information from the world stage and relate this to the individual members of the Academy:

Education and Networking Opportunities


·         The CAPD/ACDP Annual Meeting provides a forum for education and opportunities for intra-professional support with peer pediatric dentists, and at a reduced members’ rate.

  • Members meet other members from across the city, province and country
  • Members learn from discussions of key issues
  • Members are able to establish a network of advice and support to consult when challenging cases arise.
  • Members earn CE Credits
  • The Annual Meeting showcases different regions of Canada every year.
  •  The CAPD/ACDP Membership Directory (on the Member's only site) provides information for referral and increasing communication among members.  The Directory showcases important information regarding CAPD/ACDP and its services and committees.  It is updated annually and provides member-only information on Pediatric Dental colleagues across Canada, in the United States, or Internationally.
  •  Opportunity to get involved. The CAPD/ACDP Committee structure allows members to be as involved in the Academy as they choose.  Committees are listed on the website, as well as in the December Issue of The Mirror.
  •  Subscription to the Mirror – CAPD/ACDP’s newsletter published twice annually to inform members about current issues and events.
  •  Just-in-Time information.  CAPD/ACDP’s member communication protocol allows for the dissemination of important information on a timely basis, while at the same time eliminating unnecessary eblasting.

Business Benefits

  • The CAPD/ACDP Website contains a plethora of information about the Academy.  The site is updated on a timely basis to provide updates on News, Events, the Membership Directory and more.
  • Classifieds.  CAPD/ACDP provides the opportunity for members to post a notice in the Classifieds section on a complimentary basis for up to one month.  Staff, Office Space and other ads relating to the practice of pediatric dentistry are permitted.

Graduate and Undergraduate Students

  • To involve student members at both the Graduate and Undergraduate levels, the CAPD-ACDP website includes information on the application procedures for various scholarships as well as for the submission of abstracts for the annual 3M Oral Care Graduate Student Award.

Public Education

  • CAPD/ACDP Members are listed and promoted in the Find-A-Dentist directory (with their permission).  This is a public listing of business contact information to facilitate finding a pediatric dentist in the neighbourhood.

Manage your Member Profile

Information contained in a member's profile is used on the Find a Pediatric Dentist Directory,
as well as the Membership Directory (for members only). 

While the CAPD/ACDP collects both business and home contact information to better serve our members' needs, only business information is available to the public and to other members.  No home contact information (address, telephone, emails etc) is on the public domain, unless specifically requested by the individual member.

Members who wish to review and change their profile should click the login link in the top right corner of the screen.  You will require your business email address, as well as your password.  By clicking the "forgot password" link, you can reset or customize your password.  If assistance is required, please contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Canadian Paediatric Society
The CPS represents more than 3,000 paediatricians, paediatric subspecialists, paediatric residents, and other people who work with and care for children and youth.  Many CAPD/ACDP members are also members of the CPS.  For more information please visit

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