L’ACDP/CAPD compte un certain nombre de comités permanents, ainsi que des participations au sein d’autres associations dentaires et professionnelles en vue d’y assumer des responsabilités précises au service des membres de l’ACDP/CAPD. Nous estimons qu’il est important que les MEMBRES sachent que votre conseil exécutif et plusieurs bénévoles sont impliqués activement au sein de l’industrie et qu’ils surveillent vos intérêts, tant à l’échelle nationale qu’à l’échelle internationale. L’engagement des membres est une marque distinctive de notre Académie.

Toute personne intéressée à siéger au sein de l’un ou l’autre des comités est priée d’entrer en contact avec son président ou sa présidente ou d’envoyer un courriel à


 Présidente - Dr. Gregory Westman

Président sortant - Dr. Jennifer MacLellan

 Vice-Président - Dr. Duy Dat Vu Assesseur-conseil - Dr. Robert Barsky
 Secrétaire-trésorier - Dr. Terry Farquhar Directeur généra - Dr. Ross Anderson
 RCDC Director for Pediatric Dentistry - Dr. Paul Andrews 

Chair and Members Purpose

Chair: President
Members:  Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Immediate Past President.

The EC shall be advised by the Executive Director, Parliamentarian, and the RCDC Director for Pediatric Dentistry 
The Executive Committee shall be the managing body and shall constitute the Board of Directors of the Academy vested with full power to conduct the business of the Academy. It shall have the power to establish rules and regulations consistent with these By-Laws and to establish ad-interim policies and guidelines between Annual General Meetings when such policies and guidelines are necessary for the management of the Academy provided that all policies are presented to the General Assembly for ratification at the next Annual General Meeting of the Academy.
 Membership Chair: Vice-President
Members:  Secretary-Treasurer, Immediate Past-President, Chair of the Scholarship and Student Affairs Committee, plus other individuals as required.
Consider matters related to the interests and well being of the members and promote membership in the Academy
 Finance Chair:  Secretary-Treasurer.          Members: Vice-President, Dr. Brad Klus Prepare an annual budget for submission to the Executive Committee, and investigate and report on financial matters

Chair:  Immediate Past President     

Members: President,  Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer. 

Nominate line officer positions from the active and honourary membership.
 Scientific Chair:  Dr. Trang Nguyen      Members: Drs. Irwin Fried, Tracy Dolye, Shannon Fitzpatrick, Becky Olacke and Edwin Chan.

Purpose of the Scientific Committee:

¬Organize the 3M Oral Care _ CAPD/ACDP Graduate Student Research Presentations at annual meetings

¬Assist in the process of selection of topics and or themes in conjunction with annual scientific meetings.

¬vetting of CAPD/ACDP Student research survey requests to ensure they meet approved guidelines

 Constitution and By-Laws

Chair: Parliamentarian.
Members:  Drs. Ross Anderson, Paul Andrews, John Wiles and Patrick Canonne.
Review proposed changes to the Constitution, By-Laws and Rules and Regulations.

Scholarship and Canadian Graduate Student Affairs

Chair:  Dr. John Wiles

Members: Dr. Keith Titley, Dr. Ross Anderson
  • Liaison to Canadian Graduate Students studying in the United States:  Dr. Terry Farqhuar
  • Liaison at the Canadian Pediatric Dental Training Programs:  

    University of British Columbia -   Dr. Joy Richman

    University of Manitoba - Dr. Karina Gamboa (Acting Director)

    University of Toronto - Dr. Jill Oxner and Dr. MIchael Casas

    University of Montréal - Dr. Basma Dabbagh and Dr. Caroline Quach

¬ Act, through the student reps at each Canadian Graduate training program as their contacts with the academy. This may involve the dissemination of information to the students, answering any questions from the students, and acting as the students advocate with the academy.

¬Administration and awarding of the Dr. Keith Titley scholarship.

¬Creating the criteria, and implementing the Dr. Norman Levine Undergraduate Student Dental Award at Canadian dental schools.                          

 ¬We are the go to people for the students if they have any questions or concerns.

-Engage students in the US that might not be aware of the benefits of CAPD/ACDP membership and of being part of the Canadian Pediatric Dental Community


CAPD/ACDP National Annual Conference 

Chair: Vice-President                    Members: Secretary-Treasurer, Past LOC Chair, Current LOC Chair, Incoming LOC Chair, Scientific Committee Chair, Executive Director, Director of Operations. To propose future meeting cities to the Executive Council, suggest candidates to Chair the Local Organizing Committee, review the LOC guidelines from time to time and ensure that recommendations from previous meetings are documented.
CAPD/ACDP 2022 Annual Conference, Whistler, B.C. Chair: Anita Gärtner
Members:  Drs. Lisa Coveney, Geoffrey Grant, Luc Magne, Diederik Millenaar, Wendy Tang

To coordinate the venues, educational program, local activities, entertainment and schedule for the Annual Meeting in consultation with the Executive Director, with the assistance of the Director of Operations, Executive Secretary and Chair of the Scientific Committee



2023 Joint Conference, Montreal, QC

Chair:  Dr. Patrick Canonne

Members:  Dr. Duy-Dat Vu, Dr. Paul Andrews

To coordinate the venues, educational program, local activities, entertainment and schedule for the Annual Meeting in consultation with the Executive Director, with the assistance of the Director of Operations, Executive Secretary and Chair of the Scientific Committee
 External AssociationsLiaison  Purpose
IAPD  Dr. Sarah Hulland, CAPD/ACDP Representative
The International Association of Paediatric Dentistry (IAPD) is a non-profit organization with the objective to contribute to the progress and promotion of oral health for children around the globe.  IAPD includes 60 National Member Societies and represents more than 15,000 dentists.


Dr. Shannon Fitzpatrick, President, CPS Oral Health Section The Oral Health Section advocates for and promotes optimal oral health for infants, children and adolescents, including children and youth with special health care needs. This section also provides expertise and guidelines for children and youth with special health care needs through a number of programs including the provision of a forum for discussion of important child and youth dental health issues between the CPS and the CAPD/ACDP.

CDA Committee on Clinical and Scientific Affairs

Dr. Anjani Koneru Committee of the CDA that examines topics and comes up with knowledge based position statements and guidelines that are recommended to the CDA Board for approval.  

CDA National Coordinating Working Group on Access to Care for Children and Seniors

Drs. Paul Andrews, Ross Anderson, and Robert Barsky. Ad Hoc Committee of the CDA with a mandate to look at access to care for seniors, notably in LTC and in access to care for infants, notably the age one visit.  This is resulting in the campaign to both dentists and the public on the “First Tooth, First Visit – a time to celebrate”. 


Dr. Duy-Dat Vu, CAPD.ACDP Representative to the Board/ 

Dr. Paul Andrews, Chair, USC&LS Sub-Committee

Dedicated to the representation and advancement of the Canadian Dental Specialties, the profession of dentistry nationally and internationally, the achievement of optimal oral health, general health and quality of life of Canadians, and the support of the profession of dentistry in the advancement of optimal oral health. See


Dr. Paul Andrews, Director for Pediatric Dentistry and Chair, Governance Committee

Dr. Christine Corbeil, Examiner-in-Chief

Dr. Felicity Hardwick, Chief Examiner, Pediatric Dentistry

Report on relevant RCDC Executive council matters to CAPD/ACDP.  Position changes every 3 years.

The Fellowship Examination Committee (FEC) is responsible to maintain or enhance the organization’s high standards through the administration of a Fellowship Examination; policy development; and volunteer engagement. Responsibilities include ensuring the Fellowship Examination meets recognized psychometric principals and is a valid evaluation instrument; overseeing the development of policies, processes and best practices to maintain or enhance the quality and effectiveness of the Fellowship Examination; and oversee the volunteer management program.


3M Oral Care 

Dr. Ross Anderson, CAPD/ACDP Liaison To insure an ongoing relationship with 3M Oral Care and their sponsorship of the 3M Oral Care  - CAPD/ACDP Graduate Student Research Presentation Awards.


Dr. Ross Anderson, CDA Representative to the Board The Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada (CDAC) is the body responsible for accrediting dental, dental specialty, dental residency, dental hygiene and dental assisting education programs in Canada. CDAC also accredits dental services. In Québec, dental services accredited by ODQ are recognized by CDAC.
CDAC Health Facilities / Dental Residencies Committee Dr. Ross Anderson Reviews all of the accredited hospital dental services and internships (dental residencies in Canada) to insure that standards that are reflective of quality service and education are met in accordance with CDAC.

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