What are the Benefits of Student Membership?

    Student Members are in a unique position to make the most of CAPD/ACDP resources and the peer networking opportunities that membership offers.

    Membership in CAPD/ACDP is in the best interests of all pediatric dentists in Canada. As a group, we are able to speak in a unified voice and promote pediatric oral health care and our interests on a national level.

    As an association of professionals, the CAPD/ACDP has a number of benefits that raise the profile of our members in the community and across Canada, as well as enhancing both educational and networking opportunities.

              Current and Former Student Members Gallery: Left to Right:  Dr. Alison Sigal, University of Toronto,  Dr. Bradley Klus, University of Manitoba, Dr. Marie-Lynn Gosselin, University of Toronto. Dr. Edwin Chan, University of Toronto,  Dr. Smrit Nijjar, University of Manitoba,   Dr. Anne-Sophie Fortin Pagé, CHU Sainte Justine, Montreal.

    20 Student Benefits of CAPD/ACDP Membership

    The Canadian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (CAPD) / Académie Canadienne de Dentisterie Pédiatrique (ACDP) is the membership organization representing over 300 pediatric dentists across Canada. Our members serve as primary and comprehensive oral health care providers for thousands of children from infancy through adolescence. With specialized techniques of behaviour management and dental care we provide the diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic and consultative expertise required by children, including those with special care needs.

    In March, 2017, a Student Member survey was conducted to determine the extent to which Student Members were aware of the benefits and value-proposition of CAPD/ACDP membership.  Please click here to see the Survey Results.

       The Benefit  The Advantage Click the Link to Discover More
     1  Free Student Membership Free membership in the Academy during your student years to welcome you to the profession, provide opportunities to meet the members and show you how CAPD/ACDP's actions and activities benefit your education and career as a Pediatric Specialist  Membership
     2  Free 1st Year of Graduation Membership You just graduated and are starting your career.  Free membership in your 1st year is our way of helping you out, as well as encouraging you to get involved as a member  Membership
     3  Discounted 2nd and 3rd Year of Graduation Membership We want to ease you into the world of Pediatric Dentistry, as well as getting involved with CAPD/ACDP's activities.   Membership
     4  Dr. Keith Titley Scholarship (Graduates)  $2000.00  Grads & Undergrads
     5  Dr. Norman Levine Award (Undergraduates)  $200.00  Grads & Undergrads
     6  Graduate Student Research Presentations Presentation experience and recognition at the CAPD/ACDP Annual Conference  Grads & Undergrads
     7  3M Oral Care Award $1000.00 awarded by a panel of Judges at the Annual Conference   Grads & Undergrads
     8  Free registration at the Annual Conference Scientific Sessions for Student members who are Canadian Citizens or Residents and attending a Canadian dental school.  Continuing Education, networking, meeting suppliers at the Trade Show

    See Registration category descriptions
     9  Discounted attendance at the Annual Conference Social Events (as per qualifications in #8 above) Student cost: $75.00 (+ Tx); Regular Cost: $250.00 (+ Tx)

    See Registration category descriptions
     10  Reduced Joint Fees for Full, Active CAPD/ACDP Members Membership in Both the AAPD and CAPD/ACDP, with a convenient one-stop annual renewal and significant savings   Membership
    11 Classified Ads to Assist in Job Placement Job ads, practices for sale and training news are featured Positions, Practices & Classifieds
    12  Career Fair at the Annual Conference Unique career possibilities  are presented to interested pediatric dentists. The Inaugural event is in Banff, 2018  
    13 CAPD/ACDP Reception at the Annual AAPD Meeting Networking opportunity at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.
     14 Dinner for Students with the CAPD/ACDP Student Liaison  See section below on Student Liaisons


    Advice and information about the FRCD(C) Canadian

    Fellowship Examination process. .

    For Canadian students studying in the U.S.

     Click Link for Information
    16 CAPD/ACDP Member Access to CPS Oral Health Section Membership Student Members can join CPS as Associate Medical Students at the rate of just $30.00 per year.

    There is no discount on the Oral Health Section but student members can join it for free.
    17 CAPD/ACDP participation in the CDSA (Canadian Dental Specialties Association) Student Travel Awards ProgramThe award is given to students who are undertaking dental specialty training in a recognized Canadian dental specialty, and who will be presenting their research at an international scientific conference.
     18 Listing in the CAPD/ACDP Membership Directory Available only to CAPD/ACDP members.  On the Members' Only Page
    Twice-Yearly Issues of The Mirror (the CAPD/ACDP Newsletter Updates on CAPD/ACDP events and issues The Mirror - Newsletter
    20 E-Correspondence from CAPD/ACDP on Issues affecting the practice of Pediatric Dentistry, as well as news about Academy matters. Stay up-to-date on issues and events' get involved with CAPD/ACDP Committee work, all in the interest of Pediatric specialists as well as consumers  

    Student Liaisons 2023-2024

    The Liaison to Canadian Graduate Students studying in the United States:

    The Liaison at the Canadian Pediatric Dental Training programs

    Student Member Survey Results

    2023-2024 Membership
    Member Categories
     Membership in CAPD/ACDP Only
     Joint Membership in CAPD/ACDP and AAPD
     Student Free  Free
     1st Year Practice
     2nd Year Practice
     3rd Year Practice
     $220.00  $597.00
     Full Active
     $370.00  $1093.00

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