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  • CAPD/ACDP Collaboration Moves Dentistry Forward
  • How can I improve Dentin Bonding in Primary Teeth?
  • An Accompanying Parent refuses to wear a Mask.  Now what?
  • Hyperdontia in the Primary Early and Mixed Dentition
  • Intrusion of Incisors due to Trauma
  • Referral strategies for Special Needs Patients during COVID-19
  • Ways to Examine Infants and Patients with Special Needs
  • Success with Pulpotomies:  GP VS Specialist (Recent Research) 


CAPD/ACDP continues to expand their high profile role as                                     "The Voice of Pediatric Dentistry in Canada".

Dr. Raymond Lee, Pediatric Dentist and current CAPD/ACDP President, sat with Dr. John O’Keefe to speak about the role the CAPD/ACDP plays in the Canadian dentistry landscape and how collaboration between Pediatric and General Dentists is instrumental for the provision of successful treatments for Pediatric patients. The article and videos of the interview recently appeared in CAD Oasis.

Watch the video of this conversation at .

In this 11-minute conversation on CDA Oasis Live Pediatric Dentists Drs Raymond Lee and Jennifer MacLellan talk about optimizing bonding of resins in primary teeth. The conversation was prompted by an article titled ‘Review of Etching Time and Bonding of Adhesive Systems to Dentin of Primary Teeth’ - .

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